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Tyco Malps: Dancing to the Secret HAARP May 3, 2011

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This is an excellent article by Tyco Malps explaining the work of dutchsinse. Both of these individuals are doing important lightworker work by exposing and explaining how we are affected by weather control technology.

By Laura/ TycoMalps | http://2012indyinfo.wordpress.com/

I have been following Dutchsinse for the past 5 or 6 weeks and I have acquired a little passion for his work at exposing the instruments used by the cabal. Dutch uses radar images from weather forecast websites mainly to predict the areas that will be affected by so called “natural” disasters. It did take a while for my eyes to get used to see the entire haarp rings and a little imagination. I was very pleased to find out today that Deborah Durpê has written an article about Dutchsinse’s work at Examiner.com. In the following short article I want to give a few examples of what he means by HAARP rings and squares. I hope that this will contribute towards making things clearer for all and that this could possibly save lives.

The devices causing these tornadoes, storms or just precipitations are used by the military, NEXRAD stations or private companies. They use antennas in order to influence the ionosphere. This in turn causes events on the planet such as tornados, hurricanes, storms, floodings, but also earthquakes and possibly volcanic eruptions. In Dupré’s article of the 2d May 2011 there is a brief explanation on how this works: “H.A.A.R.P. geophysical technology is based on manipulating processes that occur in the earth’s crust and its liquid and gaseous mantle, for military purposes. ‘An atmospheric layer lying at an altitude of 10 to 60 kilometers is of special importance for this kind of warfare.’ ( Nezavisimaya Gazeta, ’Invisible Wars’ of the Future E-bombs,Laser guns, and Acoustic Weapons, Global Research, July 6, 2007) originally published in Russian in Nezavisimaya Gazetatranslated by Guerman Grachev for Pravda.ru. located in, “(Video) What is H.A.A.R.P.? Human Rights info 101, Dupré, D., April 7, 2010). (more…)