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Maarten Horst: Inteview with Steve Beckow May 3, 2011

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Steve Beckow

On this site, we regularly pay attention to the articles written by Steve Beckow on his site The 2012 Scenario. Steve produces his articles at a dazzling speed and they’re thoroughly researched too, which any reader can check by the list of references that Steve always puts underneath his pieces. A true and brave lightworker he is, and we consider him a friend.

Recently, Maarten Horst interviewed him for his BBS Radio show. Unfortunately, the audio interviews on BBS Radio are archived behind a payment system. So just like Maarten’s interview with Mike Quinsey, we made a transcript of it, which you can read here.

With many thanks to Puk, for the transcript.

ET-First Contact Radio, April 25, 2011

Maarten HorstMaarten Horst

Maarten Horst: Welcome to ET First Contact Radio!

Geoffrey West: And ET First Contact Radio welcomes to the show today Steve Beckow. Steve is currently lives in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. A historian and sociologist by education and training, he has also authored books on cross-cultural spirituality, life after death and First Contact. Steve currently dedicates much of his time to his website and project “The 2012 Scenario.”.His passion focuses on events relating to shifts in human-planetary consciousness, our galactic family, and events predicted and prophesied for the end of the current cycle in 2012. “The 2012 Scenario” can be found at www.stevebeckow.com.

You’re listening to ET First Contact Radio on BBS Radio, and, from somewhere on an autobahn in Germany, is your host Maarten Horst

Maarten: Yes, hello, Steve. This is Maarten.

Steve: Hi Maarten. Thank you Geoff for that introduction. Hello, everyone.

Maarten: Wonderful introduction, Geoffrey. We had Geoffrey on the show earlier, a few times, I think three times now, Geoffrey?

Geoff: I think so, yes.

Maarten: This is ET First Contact Radio on BBS Station One, and I’m going to ask some questions of Steve Beckow from “The 2012 Scenario”. If you want, Geoffrey, you can also ask questions and I’m going to announce a phone number, if people want to ask questions they can call in and the number in the United States and in Canada to call is 888-8159756. And if you are calling from anywhere else in the world, it’s 001-888-8159756. So welcome Steve!

Steve: Thank you, Maarten, and I want to mention that Geoff is going to be having his own radio program, is he not? (more…)