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A Beautiful Summer Day Which the Blind Man Couldn’t See April 15, 2011

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2011 April 15
by Steve Beckow

Thanks to Gloria, for this video, The Power of Words, which brought tears to my eyes.

And, speaking of a beautiful summer day which the blind man couldn’t see, thanks to the people last week who offered to donate to this site, which I don’t need, but took me up instead on my suggestion to sign onto Paypal and make a donation to my favorite cause: “elliemiser@aol.com.”

Why people suddenly thought I needed support, which I don’t, I don’t know. It must reflect something I said unwittingly. But I was gratified that they took me up on my suggestion and donated to Ellie, who is 79 and supports her disabled son on Social Security.

With the donation of one man, Ellie had a tooth extracted that was hurting her.

With the donation of another, she bought some medicine for her son who lives in pain.

With the donation of a third, she was able to buy food for a week, her Social-Security check having given out by then. She confided to me that what to other people was a small amount, to her was worth ten times as much.

I donate to her regularly.  But this week I couldn’t because I gave instead to a Central-American man, who wanted to buy a year’s access to BBS for a radio show he wants to start, to report on 2012.

But next week I plan to start again, because Ellie still needs to eat.

A couple of months ago, I donated to her so she could buy heating oil for the rest of the winter. She’d been living in extreme cold under a blanket in a nation that’s rumored to be the wealthiest on Earth (wealthiest for some).  I asked her why she hadn’t told me. She said she doesn’t like to say.

Instead of buying an iPad, I bought a winter’s worth of heating oil for a gal in OK. That may have been the best targeted donation I ever made. Better than to the guy in Santa Fe who had run out or the man in Michigan who didn’t know how he was going to last another month.  (You hear a lot in this job.) I was warmed a long time from another’s heating oil.

So thanks to “Z,” and the rest of you. I know El appreciated it. She told me so.