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Mali’s girls put education first May 15, 2011

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By: Krsna Harilela | http://www.cnn.com

Bamako, Mali (CNN) — For many young girls in Mali the reality of life is to stay at home and help with the housework or be sent to work in the gold mines.

But one group is trying to change the lives of girls in this West African country and provide them with an education and dreams for a brighter future.

Plan International has launched a worldwide campaign in the hope of tackling issues affecting young girls in developing countries.

The primary aim of the organization’s “Because I’m a Girl” campaign is to keep girls in education. According to Plan a staggering 75 million girls around the world are not in school.

Mali is one of Africa’s poorest countries and Plan hopes to spread the message that an educated girl is more likely to be literate, healthy and survive into adulthood, as are her children.

It supports a community group in Mali called “Fight for Girls” that meets regularly in a village not far from the capital city Bamako. (more…)


David Wilcock: Audio Inteview with Ben Fulford May 15, 2011

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By David Wilcock | http://divinescosomos.com



For two years before the Japan disaster, Benjamin Fulford was on record saying the Powers that Were had planned to attack Japan with an earthquake weapon — and set off the nuclear reactors.

This is a matter of public certainty, as he announced these plans in two different videos as well as in numerous updates. This is the main reason why the Internet exploded with articles about HAARP in the aftermath of the Japan disaster.

These same negative groups are now apparently trying to set off the New Madrid Fault, which runs parallel with the Mississippi River — as there are some fifteen different nuclear reactors along the fault line.

Apparently the floods are a precursor to this — in an attempt to lubricate the fault line and increase the likelihood of it happening.

I believe this is all happening now because these groups are very, very close to defeat — and are using this as a final attempt to blackmail and coerce the rest of the world into backing off of the attack.

The defeat has been going on for some time — and I am now releasing an interview I did with Fulford last November that goes into detail about how the global community is ganging up on the “Old World Order” and demanding they stand down.


Let me say, right up front, that I do not believe the negative factions will be able — or allowed — to commit this act of mass destruction. However, I cannot deny that my own insiders have warned me of exactly the same attack plans as what Fulford has disclosed. (more…)

So, Your Awakening Cost You Some Friends May 15, 2011

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I stumbled upon this in a forum the other day, and boy did it ring home for me. Probably why I still use a pseudonym for all my 2012 work.

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Have you noticed a change in your relationships with other people lately?  Is it sometimes difficult or awkward to talk to others about spiritual topics?  Do you, at times, feel alone in your beliefs?   Have you lost contact with any long time friends recently?  You are not alone!

I’m fortunate to have a lot of Facebook friends who post similar types of links. Too many times, I see a lot of people who talk the talk but are afraid to walk the walk, due to being ridiculed for their thoughts and posts (GROUPTHINK). I’ve lost some longtime friends because of this but have made many, many new ones. Once the ego is released, you no longer worry about conformity and peer pressure. (more…)

Bill Sinkford: USA! USA! USA! May 5, 2011

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By Reverend Bill Sinkford | http://www.firstunitarianportland.org/our-church/ministers-a-staff/rev-sinkford-blog

After almost 10 years, our nation was finally able to locate and kill one man, Osama bin Laden. Celebrations erupted spontaneously. American flags were waved, and crowds shouted “USA! USA! USA!” It was, I suppose, a victory of a sort. My reaction may well not be yours, but I found myself saddened rather than exultant.

Bin Laden was responsible for horrible acts of violence, the deaths of thousands of American citizens. If anyone deserved punishment, he did. If retribution was ever justified, it was here. But I take no pleasure in his death, especially if it becomes only the latest in a spiral of violence whose final outcome will endanger us all.

‎Martin Luther King, Jr., decades before 9/11, wrote:

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

The news media has been filled with little else this week. The images of 9/11 have been replayed. The bravery and training of the Navy Seals who executed the raid have been lauded. Images of the compound near the Pakistani capital where bin Laden hid “in plain sight” for six years have been aired. Descriptions of the raid have been repeated again and again, with some interesting changes to the initial narrative. No, bin Laden did not use his youngest wife as a human shield. No one in the compound fired on the attackers. Obama’s decision not to release photographs of the dead body is the latest chapter in this drama. (more…)

David Wilcock: Official Government Disclosure has Begun May 5, 2011

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By David Wilcock | http://divinecosmos.com/

According to insiders, official ‘government’ Disclosure is now underway — and the real story behind the alleged Bin Laden incident was shockingly different than what I expected to hear. The overall news is extremely positive, though we may have to endure further disruptive events to get there.

In the last week of March, insiders from two different groups — the European Rothschild faction and others affiliated with the Obama administration — independently told me that major new developments towards a formal, official “government” Disclosure were imminent.

I was not told exactly what these developments would be — only that it would be a significant step forward.

Of course, if an official announcement does finally happen, it will be the most significant event in recorded human history. This obviously makes it a fantastic opportunity to explore — both as a journalist as well as a spiritual seeker.

No one can be sure of the scope or the magnitude of changes Disclosure will create, but it is undoubtedly vast — and ultimately very positive, paving the way for the “Golden Age” predicted in almost every religious and spiritual tradition in recorded history.


Every source I work with must prove their bona-fides on an ongoing basis. If I catch them lying, trying to use me to pass disinformation, or working a hidden agenda, I break off the contact. I only work with people who really want the best for humanity — and are willing to pass along material that will help.

Both groups gave me the same approximate time window for when we would see these “major new developments.” Administration sources said “two weeks” and the European sources said “within a month” — all in the last week of March.

I was strongly advised not to say anything — and I stayed quiet, knowing that I could ruin the whole process if I leaked any of the details.

The FBI released stunning new UFO documents almost exactly two weeks later. The NSA released nearly twice as many UFO documents a mere ten days after that. All of this happened “within a month” of when I had these conversations — just as I had been told.

Both sources later confirmed these document releases did indeed represent the first stage of what they were talking about — a formal, open, official ‘government’ Disclosure, approved at the very highest levels of the insider world.


The FBI documents appeared on April 11th, 2011 — right as I was in the “middle of nowhere,” on my first real vacation in years — after bringing my San Francisco Convergence to a satisfying conclusion.

The cell-phone wireless Internet was so bad that dialup would have been a Godsend. The trees were happy enough, but now more than ever I needed ACCESS!

I waited hours for these documents to download — literally. 27 different items appeared when I used the search function to look for “flying saucers” — and I still haven’t had time to go through most of them:


read more

Joe Bageant: Escape from the Zombie Food Court May 5, 2011

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April 3, 2009

I just returned from several months in Central America. And the day I returned I had iguana eggs for breakfast, airline pretzels for lunch and a $7 shot of Jack Daniels for dinner at the Houston Airport, where I spent two hours listening to a Christian religious fanatic tell about Obama running a worldwide child porn ring out of the White House. Entering the country shoeless through airport homeland security, holding up my pants because they don’t let old men wear suspenders through security, well, I knew I was back home in the land of the free.

Anyway, here I am with you good people asking myself the first logical question: What the hell is a redneck writer supposed to say to a prestigious school of psychology? Why of all places am I here? It is intimidating as hell. But as Janna Henning and Sharrod Taylor here have reassured me that all I need to do is talk about is what I write about. And what I write about is Americans, and why we think and behave the way we do. To do that here today I am forced to talk about three things — corporations, television and human spirituality.

No matter how smart we may think we are, the larger world cannot and does not exist for most of us in this room, except through media and maybe through the shallow experience of tourism, or in the minority instance, we may know of it through higher education. The world however, is not a cultural history course, a National Geographic special or recreational destination. It is a real place with many fast developing disasters, economic and ecological collapse being just two. The more aware among us grasp that there is much at stake. Yet, even the most informed and educated Americans have cultural conditioning working against them round the clock.

As psych students, most of you understand that there is no way you can escape being conditioned by your society, one way or another. You are as conditioned as any trained chicken in a carnival. So am I. When we go to the ATM machine and punch the buttons to make cash fall out, we are doing the same thing as the chickens that peck the colored buttons make corn drop from the feeder. You will not do a single thing today, tomorrow or the next day that you have not been generally indoctrinated and deeply conditioned to do — mostly along class lines. (more…)

dutchsinse: NEW MADRID — Flooding the Fault Line WILL Cause Seismic Movement May 3, 2011

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I think there is some debate on wether the water from the flood will cause an earthquake, but I like dutchsinse’s approach and will continue to post his video blog entries.

Maarten Horst: Inteview with Steve Beckow May 3, 2011

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Posted on Galactic Channelings

Steve Beckow

On this site, we regularly pay attention to the articles written by Steve Beckow on his site The 2012 Scenario. Steve produces his articles at a dazzling speed and they’re thoroughly researched too, which any reader can check by the list of references that Steve always puts underneath his pieces. A true and brave lightworker he is, and we consider him a friend.

Recently, Maarten Horst interviewed him for his BBS Radio show. Unfortunately, the audio interviews on BBS Radio are archived behind a payment system. So just like Maarten’s interview with Mike Quinsey, we made a transcript of it, which you can read here.

With many thanks to Puk, for the transcript.

ET-First Contact Radio, April 25, 2011

Maarten HorstMaarten Horst

Maarten Horst: Welcome to ET First Contact Radio!

Geoffrey West: And ET First Contact Radio welcomes to the show today Steve Beckow. Steve is currently lives in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. A historian and sociologist by education and training, he has also authored books on cross-cultural spirituality, life after death and First Contact. Steve currently dedicates much of his time to his website and project “The 2012 Scenario.”.His passion focuses on events relating to shifts in human-planetary consciousness, our galactic family, and events predicted and prophesied for the end of the current cycle in 2012. “The 2012 Scenario” can be found at www.stevebeckow.com.

You’re listening to ET First Contact Radio on BBS Radio, and, from somewhere on an autobahn in Germany, is your host Maarten Horst

Maarten: Yes, hello, Steve. This is Maarten.

Steve: Hi Maarten. Thank you Geoff for that introduction. Hello, everyone.

Maarten: Wonderful introduction, Geoffrey. We had Geoffrey on the show earlier, a few times, I think three times now, Geoffrey?

Geoff: I think so, yes.

Maarten: This is ET First Contact Radio on BBS Station One, and I’m going to ask some questions of Steve Beckow from “The 2012 Scenario”. If you want, Geoffrey, you can also ask questions and I’m going to announce a phone number, if people want to ask questions they can call in and the number in the United States and in Canada to call is 888-8159756. And if you are calling from anywhere else in the world, it’s 001-888-8159756. So welcome Steve!

Steve: Thank you, Maarten, and I want to mention that Geoff is going to be having his own radio program, is he not? (more…)

US protesters urge troops’ withdrawal May 3, 2011

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In the US, anti-war activists have staged a rally outside the White House, calling on the government to withdraw all American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.

“We are outside the White House today, Monday, after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden [on Sunday in Pakistan],” Liz Hourican, a local peace activist and leading member of Code Pink anti-war group, told Press TV in an interview.

She added that the demonstrators want their government to stop triggering violence and suffering in the world.

The activists also demanded President Barack Obama to adopt a policy based on “humanity” and not “offensive militarism.” (more…)

Tyco Malps: Dancing to the Secret HAARP May 3, 2011

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This is an excellent article by Tyco Malps explaining the work of dutchsinse. Both of these individuals are doing important lightworker work by exposing and explaining how we are affected by weather control technology.

By Laura/ TycoMalps | http://2012indyinfo.wordpress.com/

I have been following Dutchsinse for the past 5 or 6 weeks and I have acquired a little passion for his work at exposing the instruments used by the cabal. Dutch uses radar images from weather forecast websites mainly to predict the areas that will be affected by so called “natural” disasters. It did take a while for my eyes to get used to see the entire haarp rings and a little imagination. I was very pleased to find out today that Deborah Durpê has written an article about Dutchsinse’s work at Examiner.com. In the following short article I want to give a few examples of what he means by HAARP rings and squares. I hope that this will contribute towards making things clearer for all and that this could possibly save lives.

The devices causing these tornadoes, storms or just precipitations are used by the military, NEXRAD stations or private companies. They use antennas in order to influence the ionosphere. This in turn causes events on the planet such as tornados, hurricanes, storms, floodings, but also earthquakes and possibly volcanic eruptions. In Dupré’s article of the 2d May 2011 there is a brief explanation on how this works: “H.A.A.R.P. geophysical technology is based on manipulating processes that occur in the earth’s crust and its liquid and gaseous mantle, for military purposes. ‘An atmospheric layer lying at an altitude of 10 to 60 kilometers is of special importance for this kind of warfare.’ ( Nezavisimaya Gazeta, ’Invisible Wars’ of the Future E-bombs,Laser guns, and Acoustic Weapons, Global Research, July 6, 2007) originally published in Russian in Nezavisimaya Gazetatranslated by Guerman Grachev for Pravda.ru. located in, “(Video) What is H.A.A.R.P.? Human Rights info 101, Dupré, D., April 7, 2010). (more…)