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Eleven lessons from Nelson Mandela August 6, 2011

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Ode Magazine

In July we celebrated living legend Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Looking back on his 93 years, there are 11 lessons (from many) that I would like to share from his legacy which would help us make a small but positive mark in our society. Here they are:

1. Determination in fighting for the right thing. Nelson Mandela’s fought against apartheid for was a struggle of more than 50 years from 1943 when he joined ANC to 1994 when South Africa became independent and he became president. Of these years, 27 were in prison.

2. Never sell out on your beliefs. Nelson Mandela while still serving in prison had repeated offers from the apartheid regime to accept release for independence in small portion of South Africa called the Transkei, from where he hailed from. He simply turned them all down.

3. Be ready to change your tactics. In 1960 Nelson Mandela together with other leaders set up the military wing of ANC. After being released from prison in 1990, Mandela would eventually renounce all armed tactics and once again resort to peaceful negotiations. (more…)


Augustin Arreguin, Cable Guy Who Saved 7-Year-Old Boy, Honored By Time Warner, Red Cross August 6, 2011

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It was a “kind of surreal” week for Augustin Arreguin.

The San Antonio cable guy was about to make his next scheduled service call last Tuesday when he heard cries coming from the Winding Creek Apartment Homes pool area. Arreguin came running and found a boy desperately in need of help.

Fast forward to this past Friday, and Arreguin was honored by his employer, the city of San Antonio, and the American Red Cross for some quick thinking that saved seven-year-old Moses Pearsall’s life, mysanantonio.com reports.

“It’s been quite a few days,” the 30-year-old Time Warner cable installer and repairman said at the ceremony. “I can joke about being a hero, but seriously, I still feel like I’m just me.”

Arreguin’s CPR training as a adoptive parent gave him the courage to treat Pearsall until the paramedics arrived.

“His face was all blue. It was pretty bad,” Arreguin told KENS-5 following the incident. “All I could picture was my own son — he’s 6 and almost the same size — and that this was the worst thing that could happen.”

Arreguin’s fast thinking made all the difference for Pearsall, who doctors say has fully recovered without suffering any brain damage.

Mike Bennett, chief executive of the American Red Cross’ San Antonio Area Chapter, praised Arreguin’s confidence during a tense moment.

“I think everybody wants to help,” Bennet said, according to KSAT. “No one wants to just panic and run crazy from the scene, but most folks are very concerned that they’ll hurt the person, because they’re not sure what to do.”

Anna Chan, the ‘Lemon Lady,’ Feeds The Hungry On Her Own Dime May 29, 2011

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Anna Chan’s story is proof that one passing thought could have a lasting effect.

Less than three years ago, Anna found herself constantly searching for ways to calm her newborn daughter, Ava, who would often come down with intense bouts of colic.

“Ava would cry all the time,” said Anna, who works part-time as an office manager. “But I found out that she just loved her carseat. So I’d strap her in and drive around to help her fall asleep.”

During the drives around their Contra Costa County community in the Bay Area, Anna and Ava would pass hundreds of fruit trees standing in their neighbors’ yards. “There was fruit falling left and right,” Anna said. “And I thought of all the fruit that was just rotting, sitting there on the ground.”

Raised in Heyward, Calif., by a single mother, she recalled the days when she and her sister were hungry, finding themselves in food lines, eating only canned goods, and receiving donations from the Salvation Army. That was over 20 years ago, but it still resonated during those drives. (more…)

NFL Rookie Takes Disabled Teen to Dance May 29, 2011

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Chicago Bears rookie linebacker J.T. Thomas became the inspirational story of the lockout-dominated NFL offseason Monday, a few days after escorting a wheelchair-bound teen to her middle school dance.

The former West Virginia standout last month met 14-year-old Joslyn Levell, who uses a wheelchair. During that meeting, she told him that all of the boys she had asked to the dance turned her down.

Levell, who attends Suncrest Middle School in Morgantown — where the university is located — has spina bifida, a condition that prevents the spinal cord from developing properly.

“I hugged her and signed a few things and we talked for awhile and she cried a bit,” Thomas told NFL.com about meeting Levell. “I gave her a hug and told her everything would work itself out.” (more…)

I will not Rejoice in the Death of an Enemy May 3, 2011

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“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that”
— Martin Luther King Jr.

Thanks to Shell

Assange: Facebook Appalling Spy Machine May 2, 2011

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By Steve Beckow

Disclosure will have happened, I think, before any of this becomes really damaging, but still it’s useful to know.. Thanks to Tyco.

Wikileaks Founder: Facebook is the most appalling spy machine that has ever been invented


Matt Brian, The Next Web.com, May 2, 2011


Despite awaiting extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is still the subject of much media interest.

Russia Today (RT) interviewed Assange, getting his viewpoint on political unrest in Egypt and Libya, particularly probing what the Wikileaks founder makes of social media’s roles in the recent revolutions in both countries. In his interview, Assange focuses particularly on Facebook calling it the “most appalling spy machine that has ever been invented”. (more…)