Unipack Neoprene Dumbbells (4+6+8lbs 3pairs)


In continuing with defining terms…

1 a : the amount that a thing weighs
b (1) : the standard or established amount that a thing should weigh (2) : one of the classes into which contestants in a sports event are divided according to body weight (3) : poundage required to be carried by a horse in a handicap race
2 a : a quantity or thing weighing a fixed and usually specified amount
b : a heavy object (such as a metal ball) thrown, put, or lifted as an athletic exercise or contest
3 a : a unit of weight or mass — see metric system table
b : a piece of material (such as metal) of known specified weight for use in weighing articles
c : a system of related units of weight
4 a : something heavy : load
b : a heavy object to hold or press something down or to counterbalance
5 a : burden, pressure the weight of their responsibilities
b : the quality or state of being ponderous
c : corpulence
6 a : relative heaviness : mass
b : the force with which a body is attracted toward the earth or a celestial body by gravitation and which is equal to the product of the mass and the local gravitational acceleration
7 a : the relative importance or authority accorded something the weight of her opinions
b : measurable influence especially on others throwing his weight behind the proposal
8 : overpowering force
9 : the quality (such as lightness) that makes a fabric or garment suitable for a particular use or season —often used in combination summer-weight
10 : a numerical coefficient assigned to an item to express its relative importance in a frequency distribution
11 : the degree of thickness of the strokes of a type character

Weight, specifically, my weight, is always on my mind. I am overweight, and not by a little. I make excuses for it – health problems, lack of support to lose weight, pain… I procrastinate on trying to deal with it… I start, then stop, even when having some success.

I won’t say that I have tried every diet, because I really don’t try to diet. Rather, I keep trying to find the “lifestyle” change that  will cause a permanent downward shift in the numbers on the scale.  I think I have found that lifestyle change that is going to work for me.

A while back I read Tim Ferris’ books The Four Hour Work Week & The Four Hour Body. I was inspired by both of them and yet only moved slightly in the direction that I wanted to go. I have embraced a few of the principles of the Four Hour Body, such as starting the day with protein, but have not fully embarked  on the program.

Reading Tim’s books led me to Tim’s podcast, where ultimately I heard his interview with Jerzy Gregorek and was completely taken with him, his story, and the program – The Happy Body Program. I purchased their book: The Happy Body and devoured it, so to speak!

One of the key components of this program is 30 minutes of weight training every day. Every day.  I purchased some dumbells, like these. It has been of a bumpy start, but I am determined to give this more that the usual amount  of effort.

So today I begin anew….

in light,



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