Re-purposing light

KittenI’ve had this blog for several years. It started as a reblogging kind of place, trying to find positive news in the world and blog about it. It went dormant for some time, due to my diagnosis of “so busy” syndrome.

I was considering starting a new blog and actually considered “sobusy” as a site name. After some consideration, I felt I could re-purpose this blog and start writing on different topics.

Definitions of “light”

1 a : something that makes vision possible
b : the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors
c : electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength that travels in a vacuum with a speed of 299,792,458 meters (about 186,000 miles) per second; specifically : such radiation that is visible to the human eye
2 a : daylight
was up each morning at the first light —Frank O’Connor
b : dawn
3 : a source of light: such as
a : a celestial body As night fell the lights in the sky multiplied.
b : candle put a light in the window
c : an electric light
4 a : a color of notable lightness : a light or pale color —usually plural
Bartlett allows his preliminary wash or grisaille to dry and then applies transparent layers of broken color. Into this wash he adds the lights and darks as they have been mapped out underneath. —Harley Bartlett
b lights plural : clothing that is light in color always washed his lights separately from his darks
5 archaic : sight 4a
6 a : spiritual illumination
the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it—John 1:5 (Revised Standard Version)
b : inner light
c : enlightenment
reaching out and groping for a pathway to the light —B. N. Cardozo
d : truth
7 a : public knowledge facts brought to light
b : a particular aspect or appearance presented to view saw the matter in a different light
8 : a particular illumination
9 : something that enlightens or informs shed some light on the problem
10 : a medium (such as a window) through which light is admitted
11 lights plural : a set of principles, standards, or opinions
worship according to one’s lights —Adrienne Koch
12 : a noteworthy person in a particular place or field a literary light among current writers — see also leading light
13 : a particular expression of the eye
listened with a fiery light burning in her eyes —Sherwood Anderson
14 a : lighthouse, beacon
b : traffic light
15 : the representation of light in
16 : a flame for lighting something (such as a cigarette)
— in the light of
1 : from the point of view of
2 or in light of : in view of In light of their findings, new procedures were established.

Given the broad definition of the word light, the blog Light Times can cover a multitude of subjects. Some of the more pressing subjects for me are how to become lighter, both physically and spiritually, and how to bring light in to the activities of my life – marriage, parenting, work, self.

Part of the objective is for me to have an accountability to the “public”, or those who stumble upon this blog.  I will be posting some personal details in an effort to lose weight (of the body) and to lose weight (of responsibility) that stems from the so busy syndrome.

I am not comfortable with writing, and will indeed make mistakes.  It may be that not one person ever reads this, and that is okay. Rather an anonymous blog in cyberspace than a Facebook post that is read by friends and people whom I forgot were my friends.

Yours in light,




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