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Tyco Malps: Dancing to the Secret HAARP May 3, 2011

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This is an excellent article by Tyco Malps explaining the work of dutchsinse. Both of these individuals are doing important lightworker work by exposing and explaining how we are affected by weather control technology.

By Laura/ TycoMalps | http://2012indyinfo.wordpress.com/

I have been following Dutchsinse for the past 5 or 6 weeks and I have acquired a little passion for his work at exposing the instruments used by the cabal. Dutch uses radar images from weather forecast websites mainly to predict the areas that will be affected by so called “natural” disasters. It did take a while for my eyes to get used to see the entire haarp rings and a little imagination. I was very pleased to find out today that Deborah Durpê has written an article about Dutchsinse’s work at Examiner.com. In the following short article I want to give a few examples of what he means by HAARP rings and squares. I hope that this will contribute towards making things clearer for all and that this could possibly save lives.

The devices causing these tornadoes, storms or just precipitations are used by the military, NEXRAD stations or private companies. They use antennas in order to influence the ionosphere. This in turn causes events on the planet such as tornados, hurricanes, storms, floodings, but also earthquakes and possibly volcanic eruptions. In Dupré’s article of the 2d May 2011 there is a brief explanation on how this works: “H.A.A.R.P. geophysical technology is based on manipulating processes that occur in the earth’s crust and its liquid and gaseous mantle, for military purposes. ‘An atmospheric layer lying at an altitude of 10 to 60 kilometers is of special importance for this kind of warfare.’ ( Nezavisimaya Gazeta, ’Invisible Wars’ of the Future E-bombs,Laser guns, and Acoustic Weapons, Global Research, July 6, 2007) originally published in Russian in Nezavisimaya Gazetatranslated by Guerman Grachev for Pravda.ru. located in, “(Video) What is H.A.A.R.P.? Human Rights info 101, Dupré, D., April 7, 2010).

In fact Dutch is very good at showing the concentric rings travelling through clouds formations and precipitation on the radar images that he uses. You can animate the images by clicking on loop and the animation plays the same images for a couple of hours or you can just observe the images live. I find that the best weather website is Intellicast.com. However the movement of clouds is very slow to observe over a large region of the States. By animating the radar images the haarp rings become very clear. The images can also be paused so that one can have a proper analysis of the radar map and of the flash radar – rings.

Basically there are mainly two perfectly geometrical formations appearing: harp rings and scalar squares. We can seen part of their hedges on the denser, darker  green images. The rings work in combinations with chemtrails says Dutchsinse. In addition to these two, there are also haarp cones or oval shapes, but there can also be random geometrical shapes. We can in fact see the hedge of the squares and of the circles on the green  colored background radar heavy cloud shapes, when clouds fly through the rings or squares, but we have to use our imagination in order to see the whole geometrical shape. What I mean by that, is that we can see the hedges of a perfect circle, of a perfect rectangle or squares. So we can detect through the clouds half moons style shapes and straight lines, which help detect where HAARP is being formed. Straight lines and perfect circles are not naturally occurring in clouds. We can in this way work out the epicentre of the rings, and of the squares. By figuring out where the whole area covered by the rings and squares are, we can know the areas which will be mostly affected by the storms or tornadoes. Sometimes is it also possible to detect intersections of circles and squares, these areas would also be strongly affected by weather turbulences.

When we can detect a ring and a square on top on each other, these are the areas which will be massively affected within the next 24 to 48 hours according to Dutchsinse. Over any areas where you see a ring or a square, you can predict a threat within the next 24 to 48 hours as a rule.

Let me first talk about the following image:

Here we can see what Dutch calls scalar squares appearing above Jackson, bottom right on the map. We can see clearly that at the hedge of the green zone, there are 2 perfectly straight lines. This is not a naturally occurring pattern in nature neither in cloud formation. There are possible two more rectangles above this first rectangle, above it and right.


Image number 2 below shows what I call a perfect ripple spiral ring.This is a perfect illustration of a spiral type of ring. In fact we can see the vibration wave travel through the cloud formation, expanding away from the epicenter of the ring. Just like when you throw a stone into a lake with flat water, you will see the waves form and travel through the water in a series of circular rings travelling outwards from the place where the stone was thrown in. The harp rings work very similarly to that system, as seen on the picture below. We can clearly see the ripples travel circularly through  the condensed water in the clouds with the radar creating these circles in the center.


As seen on the image below, the force of haarp is such that is can disperse the clouds and modify the shape of the clouds entirely. The radar seems to break the clouds and give them a circular shape. We can also see how the concentric circles are separated by regular intervals around the epicenter, clearly demonstrating the waves travelling at the same frequency and with the same period. This is very far from a natural phenomenon indeed.

Usually the epicentres of the rings and the squares are in large or small airports, military bases, NEXRAD stations and on what is referred to as harp farms. The areas on the radar in green are clouds and the areas in yellow or pink are hale or storms. In the animated radar maps, we can see the direction in which the wind carries the hale, so bearing that in mind, we can extrapolate an approximation of the wind speed, the storm’s magnitude and the areas which will be mostly affected within the next 24 to 48 hours. The hale and storms seem to be attracted to the epicentre of the rings and squares. So now, we are a little better armed to see what is ahead of us perhaps.

Another point of interest is the location of the NEXRAD stations on the map below, here located by the white crosses. It matches perfectly with the precipitation map -blue areas- with the NEXRAD stations being the centre of the precipitation rings. In short, this means that the rain is caused by the NEXRAD stations throughout the United States.


NEXRAD location at the centre of precipitations, rings clearly seen again.

I also like the map below where we can clearly see a circular ring or flash appear in the middle of the storm, in yellow. This is not a natural cloud and storm pattern. These flashes can appear and disappear quite rapidly, hence the name flash.


Haarp ring breaking through a storm

On the map below, we can observe small rings appear around Omaha, Kansas City all the way down to Dallas. These again are not natural occurrences.  Again all these rings are very specific to a HAARP signature according to Dutch. We can watch the full video from Dutch on Youtube.

Small haarp rings formation from the NEXRAD stations

In the next map below, we can see what Dutch calls scalar squares formed around Duluth and Minneapolis. Again nature does not draws perfect rectangles and concentric circles in clouds and precipitations.

In the UNISYS map above we can see the clouds going through 4 HAARP rings at the hedge of the Gulf of Mexico all throughout Texas coast line. Again the rings are rather obvious to see to the initiated, they are dissipating the clouds all around them. Those rings have been there for a few days, moving towards the North East. So I wonder do these rings have some kind of relationship with the current situation at Levee at Bird’s Point New Madrid? I have this animated live map on my blog 2012 Indy Info on the right sidebar. The map is updated every 3 hours or so.

I just wanted to show you a few examples of what Dutchsinse calls HAARP rings and scalar squares, so that you can watch the radar images and animations. You will be able to figure out for yourselves the areas that will be affected next. Dutch just put up on his blog excellent explanations on how Haarp is working, I believe he retrieved this information before HAARP removed it from their website and that he has a good knowledge of this topic over the past couple of years. Dutchsinse.com is his website.

There is also a relationship between the Japanese earthquake of the 11th March 2011 and devices similar to HAARP. I have put in the bibliography an interesting article on this subject from Presscore.  The fact that HAARP has removed all data from their website shows that they do not want us to have to much information on these subjects right now as we would be able to connect the dots and see the bigger picture.

Was Fukushima earthquakea natural disaster?




In his site Dutch has just added technical explanations regarding how HAARP work. I highly recommend you reading it.






Weather/ radar maps:










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