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A cure for Nature-Deficient Disorder April 18, 2011

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The new film Echoes of Creation is an orgiastic nature experience from award-winning film director Jan Nickman. It’s currently being aired on public television as a pledge drive program across the nation – check your local listings – and is also available on DVD. Presented by Seattle’s PBS member station, the one-hour film features rare breathtaking soaring footage from the Pacific Northwest including Sequoia, Olympic and North Cascades National Parks along with a beautiful poetic spoken word libretto.

Scored with music from composer David Arkenstone, the jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and ancient Sequoias leave viewers breathless. The cinematic tour-de-force inspires deeper thought about conservation, water and land use, urban growth and especially how the natural world coexists alongside humanity.

In our nature deficient society, and for many who may not experience nature on a regular basis, Echoes of Creation has never before been so relevant. Meant for repeated viewing, the film allows viewers to confront their deepest feelings about earth stewardship and some viewers associate the film with stress reduction, improved wellness and feelings of natural euphoria.

Director Jan Nickman is an acclaimed Emmy Award-winning producer known for iconoclast films that fuse spectacular natural world cinematography with extraordinary music scores. His films typically use sparse, narrative poetry to punctuate nature’s wisdom. “Filmmakers have a tremendous opportunity to inspire health and wellness for our planet and all who live upon it,” says Nickman, whose goal is to connect viewers in new and deeply meaningful ways to the natural world. “Nature is a profound source of truth and healing.”

Click here to watch the trailer and see and hear for yourself.

Photo by Minette Layne via Flickr.



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