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More from Anne Thomas: A Japanese Perspecitve April 11, 2011

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All of the letters I have sent so far have been my own. Recently I received the following email from a former student, who is now an adult and friend. She give things from a Japanese perspective, so I would like to share her words with you. She gave me permission to do this and told me she was grateful if she might be able to help foreigners understand the Japanese mind a bit better. I am sending her letter exactly as she wrote it to me.

“Dear Anne,

I am sorry that I haven’t been able to write back to you.
Sometimes I do not feel good enough to check emails. Sometimes I do not have energy to do.
Today I feel a bit better.
I realized that I get tired easily. Maybe I have to eat a bit more.
My emotional waves go up and down. But I am okay. I am dealing with it day by day.

Anne, I really appreciate you that you are sharing your letters with me also.
Your words are helping and encouraging me.
More importantly, it gives me bigger picture in some ways. Your words are helping my brain to comprehend this event better.

I heard that in the center of the Sendai city, shops are opening more and more.

Thank you for sending me the ‘translator needed ad.’ Actually I was wondering about it.
I mean, when I saw the news on TV that Japan started accepting rescuers and volunteers from overseas, I thought, “how can they communicate? Maybe English/Japanese speakers are needed??”
Half of me is wanting to apply. But unfortunately or fortunately, I am going to work from tomorrow.

Yes, I am going to work from tomorrow.
Maybe it is better for me to go to work instead of staying here all day.
My co-worker told me that there in no Internet yet at work so that mostly cleaning, organizing offices/desks. So I hope that it is not too much for me.
I used my microwave to make hot water. I put them in a big pot! I did it yesterday to wash my hair. Today for wash/wipe my body. I guess I am somewhat decent to go to work now. (grin)

Anne, I was so happy to read your letter and know that you decided to stay here.
I saw the news on TV that many foreigners are leaving/left around this area..some go south, some go out of Japan. now I know some of my foreign friends did it for temporarily.
I know their home country is warning them and advising them to do so. Nothing wrong about it.
HOWEVER, when I know the fact for the first time, I was deeply sad, almost shocked…and also I was in panic…and tears came out of my eyes.
I cannot know exactly what triggered me to have such a emotional state, but I did.

At the same time, Japan is getting so many support and donations from all over the world.
People do care about us. That brings very warm feeling in me.
Furthermore, Japanese people are uniteing more and more. I never ever imagined it.
I am proud of Japan and Japanese.”

And here is a letter she sent the following day:

“I am at work. I feel satisfied to just come to work today.
Actually, I am just kinda sitting here, not working… but I feel better.

During my lunch break, I walked around. I was so surprised. I see more foods and supplies!
My co-worker and I went to Asaichi (near the Sendai station) to get some fresh vegetables.
Wow, so many vegetables with relatively fair price! I can shop like as usual! At the Asaichi, I saw fresh fishes as well. That was jaw-dropping!
Then, I headed to Yodobashi. I got an electric cookstove! and some light bulbs. Then, I got body soap, toothbrush, hand soap at one of the drugstores around there.
I felt much much better. wow… Now I know where to go to get some stuffs. (Around my apartment, most of the stores are closed or need to be in line so many hours to buy. So today`s findings are amazing! )”

With Love from my dear student/friend and from me,

Wondering how you can help? Aid relief efforts by clicking here to donate to the Japanese Red Cross, or text redcross to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Photo by Reuters/Toru Hanai



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